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Pip Magneze EX high magnetic force

480,000 425,000

Pip Magneze EX high magnetic force

480,000 425,000

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Pip Magneze EX high magnetic force

This is a sample product of low blood pressure designed with the simple structure. Round size is suitable for many customers

Circulation of blood pressure Ex 4 tablets of 150mT, made of rare earth elements. In life, rare earth is an extremely important energy source, contributing to many areas of production, mainly used in technology and defense, especially in the production of non-polluting materials. the environment and gradually encroach on the topic of health. Elements in rare earth possess amazing physical properties, especially when resonating with other common materials. In particular, some rare earth elements are used to produce small magnets but more powerful for cars, computer drives, generators, motors, even the navigation system for names. fire. The Japanese Blood Pressure Control Circuit works on the principle of magnetic force. So magnetic particles have a rare earth element that makes this product work like a magnet!

In addition, in the core of the loop, there are 16 members of magnetic 70mT, in which mT stands for mili-Tesla. This is the unit that indicates the flux density. This amount of science makes the use of the increase gradually.

In order to know the magnetic density, one only needs to consider the amount of magnetic sugar per unit of area, the more this number means the higher the magnetic density. The 3T Shop’s new blood pressure regulator, compared to the conventional one, is 2.7 times higher.

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